Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Release

Tandem Demise is out this week for $2.99. 

Hi, everyone and welcome back to Mackinac Island and life with no cars and only horses, bikes and foot-power to get around. Fall is in full swing with the leaves changing colors, a chill in the air and gardens ablaze with mums of every hue. 

            I love this island that is part of Michigan and located where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. Life on Mackinac moves a bit slower with cell phone service not all that reliable and internet not all that important. Why look at a screen when you can a take bike ride to the Grand Hotel for high tea or visit Fort Mackinac for a musket drill or firing a cannon.

            The only way to get to Mackinac is by ferry. Taxis here are horse drawn affairs moving at about five miles an hour and riding bikes is a breeze with no horns honking or traffic to maneuver around. This is an island for getting away, for relaxing, for enjoying life with friends and family. It’s life the way it used to be. Once you visit Mackinac Island a piece of you will forever stay there and you will long to return.

            I visited the island with my daughter from NCY. She went from Times Square and a hectic design job to no cars or cell service within twenty-four hours. When we got off the ferry she said, “Do you think we died and went to heaven?”

            I‘ve used all the real streets, restaurants, bars, hotels, piers, and ferry lines. I’ve included names of proprietors of the bookstore, bars, inns and markets. My characters order off the actual menu in the restaurants, drink at the watering hole where the locals meet and have the same problems with tourists...called fudgies…that the islanders have. I made the Cycle Path mysteries real so when you visit the island you will feel as if you’ve already been there. That you are coming home.

            Happy reading and I hope you fall in love with Mackinac Island and that you have as much fun with Tandem Demiseas I did writing it. 


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