Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Escape to the River

by Maggie Sefton

My photo of all the trees surrounding the River House refused to copy to my Cozy Chicks Blog post tonight.  Some weird problem with Blogger.  I'll apologize for Blogger's problems.  I'll post it to Facebook right after this post gets into the Blogger line to appear at 12:00am Tuesday, October 23rd.  

I love the change of seasons.  Every year I delight in watching the changes in Nature that occur   around me.  Whether it's Colorado or Northern Virginia where I am now, I always make time every day to sit outside---unless it's absolutely frigid Winter----and watch the trees surrounding me.  Mid to Late Autumn can also be dramatic times of the year.  By that time, the last warmth of Summer has slipped away to await Spring.  Chilly, brisk winds start to blow, rustling the leaves in the tall trees, urging them to start their Winter changes---sap slowing down in the trees "veins."  That's how I've always described it.  Maybe that's overly dramatic, but, hey, I'm a novelist, right?  :)

Right now,  I'm writing on a Monday so I can make sure this Cozy Chicks Blog post will appear on Tuesday morning at 12:00am.    Yes, folks, the Cozy Chicks Blog has readers and friends all over.  And they like to see what the Cozy Chicks are doing.  Looking outside beyond the deck at the Riverhouse, the tree tops in the thick woods across from me are gently swaying at the very tops, catching a breeze.  The bright sun is shining and temps are in the 60s. Fall, for sure.  

I can't smell Autumn in the air yet, but in another week I bet I can.   I hope Fall weather has appeared in your neighborhoods, readers and friends.  It's time for fires in the fireplace and roasting
marshmallows.   My daughter Maria, her husband John, and his 13-year old son Johnny came down to the Riverhouse to relax and enjoy with me this past weekend.  And we finished off Saturday night dinner with roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.  They live amidst the hectic Metro Madness of NoVirginia/WashDC/Suburban MD  and they absolutely love escaping down here to relax and enjoy being surrounded by trees and peace and quiet.  Peering into the woods now, I bet one of the deer will be poking its head out and venturing across the road to see what might be left to nibble on in my gardens.  Good luck, Deer.      

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