Friday, October 26, 2018

A little bit of light

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

One of the first things my mother taught me was a healthy fear of fire. When she grew up in England, they didn't have central heat. They heated by coal. When you heat your house with an open fire, you live with the fear of your home burning down. Therefore, we never burned candles (unless there was a blackout--which I can only remember happening twice).

A lot of people burn candles for ambiance. I don't.

A lot of people burn candles for the scent.  I don't. (A lot of them are toxic and burning them releases carcinogenic particles.)

But I can't deny the allure of candles.  They're cute. I have a candle in my living room that I've had for about ten years. (I got it at an estate sale.) It has an interesting scent, but you don't smell it all all the time. I'll be sitting there, reading, and all of a sudden I'll get a brief scent. There's that candle again!  A lot of women use them in their decor, and I'm getting into that myself. So I did buy a vanilla scented candle, but it's just for show--I will not burn it. And I hope occasionally, when I walk by, I'll get the scent. (Because I LOVE vanilla.)

But during my last trip to The Dollar Tree, I checked out their LED candles. They are supposed to work for 120 hours. Not bad for a buck ... if they work.

With the holidays coming up, I thought it might be nice to have some flickering light for ambiance. Therefore, I stocked up on a number of different LED candles.

I lit my first 4" pillar candle on Wednesday. Aha! success. It was dark and cold and miserable out and the flickering light made the rooom feel that much cozier.

So yesterday, I showed Mr. L the other decorative LED candles I bought for the holidays in silver. (Most people decorate with gold, but I'm a silver kinda gal.) So I took them out of the packaging, flipped the switch ... and nothing happened. Okay, I got a dud. So I took the next one out and turned it on. Another dud. I'd also bought four tealight LED candles and each and every one of them were duds, too.


So I'm going back to the Dollar Tree to see if I can return them. Maybe I'll just stick with those nice 4" pillars (I know they make different heights, but they only had the 4" ones at this store).

So -- candles in your home or not?

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