Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sweet Girl Katy

by Maggie Sefton

Don't worry, folks.  I'm not bearing more sad news.  My dear 14 year old
Black Lab/Black Border Collie mix Katy is doing fine.  She has adjusted to Max's sudden disappearance with the help of the  neighbor dogs surrounding our house---a Boxer mix on one side, a mixed breed behind the back fence, and a full Boxer on the left side.

Everybody comes out to greet each other and bark at different times during the day.  So Katy definitely has "doggie contact" every day.  Of course, nothing compares to having a close doggie companion by your side.  But  I'll be traveling again in a week and a half and Katy will go to what I call the Doggie Ranch where she gets to play loose in a safe enclosed area with other dogs she knows.  Since I do travel a lot, Katy gets to play with those doggie friends regularly.   Right now, she's curled up on her cushion bed near the glass patio door watching the afternoon sun slowly fade away.

You can tell that the seasons are shifting.  Our wonderfully warm Colorado temps have stayed warm ever since summer, believe it or not.  Sunshine, too.  Autumn will definitely appear, suddenly.  And our leaves will start to change and all those Autumn scents in the air and sounds will show up as well.  Just an hour away in Rocky Mountain National Park (at 7500---8000 ft as opposed to 5000 ft here in Fort Collins) the news footage is already showing the Elk challenging each other, heads down and antlers tangling.  And there's nothing that signals Autumn like the eerie call of a Bull Elk.  Higher pitched than you would think.

I'll be traveling Back East soon to my old hometown area of Northern Virginia soon to see family and friends.  Granddaughter Natale, who's a sophomore at University of Rhode Island and a Volleyball player, will be in the Northern VA area for a Volleyball tournament which I'll definitely join daughter Christine's family as they go to watch and cheer her team on.  :)  I'll also be able to see and visit daughter Melissa and daughter Maria and husband John----plus the three kids.  :)  Always lots of fun.

And---if you have a doggie or a kitty member of the family around, please make sure to pay some extra attention to them and give them a pat for me.

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