Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Perfume…in or out

Do you have a fave fragrance that you buy every time? A fragrance that people associate with you?
My sister-in-law has a perfume that she’s worn for probably 30 plus years. I got into her car thinking gee this cars smells amazing. Really it smelled just like Caroline. To me it’s her signature fragrance.
Personally I never buy perfume for myself but my kids give it to me. Most of the time the fragrances are fine but I seldom ware them and they end up going bad. But then my middle daughter bought me Cleopatra. It is my fave fragrance by far.
I get so many compliments on it. Everyone loves it and so do I. I think this is my signature fragrance though I’m sure lots of gals ware it too.
I think the reason I ware it is that is actually makes me feel pretty. It’s not heavy but definitely a fragrance. When I’m feeling a bit down or tired or just feeling over all frumpy I give myself a spritz and it does seem to perk up my spirits.

Men of course love perfume on women. At least my husband always did. And it is sexy and feminine so I suppose that’s the reason why.
So what about you? Do you have a special fragrance you love? Do you always buy the same fragrance or do you mix it up? Do you ware a fragrance that suits your for fun, one for a romantic nigh

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