Tuesday, August 28, 2018


by Maggie Sefton

In case some of you readers and friends are new to the Kelly Flynn Mysteries, here's a tease to the introduction to the series and the cast and characters "Who Are You People."  It's found on Amazon.com.  


Hello, Readers — Whether you found this E-short because you’ve already been reading my amateur sleuth Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries, or you’re a regular mystery fan who likes to discover different sleuths and their worlds, or you’ve never read a mystery in your life but were intrigued by the title—I’m glad you decided to give Kelly and friends a second look. The  sixteenth in the series (that’s right, #16), DYEING UP LOOSE ENDS, was released this July 2018, I thought readers might be interested in a little deeper look at the people who make up the cast regulars in Kelly Flynn’s world. These folks are “alive” to me, but then, we novelists are a little strange. I hear from readers regularly, so I suspect Kelly and friends are alive for the readers as well. As someone who’s been in the storytelling life for over thirty years, I know there’s one reason when books become bestsellers like the Kelly Flynn Mysteries. It’s because the readers have fallen in love with the characters. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, Readers. I hope you enjoy this E-short.

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