Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fast Food and Staycations

by Karen Rose Smith

There is much talk about the benefits of staycations instead of vacations.  If you are a dog or cat mom, going away is often troublesome if you don’t have a friend or relative to care for your pets. This week my husband and I are enjoying the benefits of a sort of staycation with caring for a kitten at a friend’s house. 

I try to cook healthy meals. Especially this time of year it’s easier to cook meals that are lower calorie and carbs with vegetables from the garden used in salads and main dishes.  However, a staycation required something we don’t usually do—fast food.  Our staycation includes driving to our friends’ house about 45 minutes away.  These are trusted friends—my college roommate and her husband.  They adopted a six week old kitty and they also have an older cat.  The baby, Dottie, has only been a member of the family for two weeks.  Their trip was planned but they needed some kitty care.  We obliged.  Conditions can happen fast for baby felines and even 24 hours of not eating or drinking can be detrimental if not lethal.  So while we relax or in my case edit at their house, we are watching, playing with and loving their cats. (Photos next week.)


Where does fast food fit in?  Who feels like cooking before and after pet sitting? Keep in mind that we feed our 5 feline babies and get them settled before we leave home.  Fast food has provided us with easy meals and more time for whatever we need it for.  If we leave early, we stop for breakfast at McDonald’s along the way.  

If we leave later, we make a detour to Kentucky Fried Chicken and take along 2 chicken pies in a warming bag for lunch.  

Pizza for dinner from Domino’s works too as well as ice cream from our favorite ice cream vendor. Next week we’ll clean up our diets and start summer cooking again. 

Another benefit of this staycation is time for me and my husband to shake off work and house burdens and just talk and relate—in the car, playing with the cats, conversing over a meal. Let’s face it, at home, tv news and DVR’d programs sometimes reign.  

So there is a place for fast food in our least a few times a year. 

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