Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dom Perigean Doesn’t Have A Bad Year

Evie Bloomfield here from Tandem Demise, the third book (out next month by Duffy Brown) one the Cycle Path Mysteries
I’m from Chicago and landed on Mackinac Island trying to get a promotion by helping my boss’s dad...who broke his his bike shop. That he got accused of murder on my watch did not help my chances for that promotion.
Now I own part of the bike shop here on the island, Rudy’s Rides, and since I got here there’s been murders, a lot of them considering this is only an eight-mile island located where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan.
This latest murder is a wedding planner. Some wedding planners deserve an early demise but it does seem a bit extreme. And the thing is, there’s another murder here too, a dockworker.

     “Do you think he’s dead or just dead drunk?” I asked Fiona, BFF and editor of the Town Crier, Mackinac Island’s one and only newspaper. With no one else at the freight dock to ask, I took Fiona’s hand and together we scurried up the pier through the hazy florescents lighting our way. Our footfalls pounded the wood planks, my heart pounded my chest and I was sure Fiona was in no better shape. 
     “You check for a pulse,” Fiona panted as we hunkered down between two recycle crates ready for barge pickup the next day. “I’ll check the wine bottle clutched in his hand. Maybe there’s a few swigs left. Don’t know about you but I sure could do with a little Dutch courage.”
     “It’s a bottle of Champagne, Dom Perignon 2009.” 
     “Good year?”
     “Dom Perignon doesn’t have a bad year.”

How can the murder of a dockworker and a wedding planner be connected? The only reason I think they are is that the worker had a bottle of Champagne clutched in his cold dead hands.
And the worse part of all this is that Nate Sutter, island chief of police and local hunk, is accused of the murders? It all stems back to his undercover days in Detroit when he was suspected of running off with ten million bucks.
If you could see the way the man dresses you know he does not have ten mil! But the things is, I like the guy, bad clothes and all.
So now I’ve got to find the real killer and get Nate Sutter off the hook so maybe, just maybe, we can get together. Considering I was left at the altar I’m a bit relationship shy but hopefully with Sutter that will all change.
See you next month.

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