Wednesday, August 15, 2018 or out.

I’m thinking of joining an astronomy club and maybe a camera club at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Both I’m really interested in and know little about.
When I was a kid I loved belonging to clubs. I was a Girl Scout, the most fun club of all times and I learned so many neat things in GS and not just how to sell cookies. They have these badge things you earn. I guess the GS still has badges and I learned a ton from the research.
It also made me try things I never would have tired before. I learned how to sew, start a fire, bake great brownies and hike…all that I still use today.
Then there was the sorority in college. That was a club of like-minded women. The biggest thing I learned in the sorority was how to talk to anyone about anything. Nothing makes you tune up your social skills like being at a frat part with guys you never met before. I use the talk to anyone about anything skill a ton!!
And now that I’m older, it’s always good to get new interests going right? But then there’s the club thing to consider. Maybe I should just read a few books on the subjects and get the info there. But then I’ll miss out on the personal tips and enthusiasm of the group.
So the thing today is, do you belong to clubs? Have they taken you places you never knew before, made you try new things, make new friends? 

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