Monday, August 20, 2018


By Mary Kennedy                   

One of my all time favorite books/movies is Gone with the Wind. I love big sprawling books and movies and I think how amazing it would be to have Margaret Mitchell's talent. To create a wonderful romance with larger-than-life characters in one of the most turbulent times in our history.

For the same reason, I loved Giant, both the book and the movie.  Loved Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The setting intrigued me, I'd never been to Texas back then and loved the bigger-than-life feel on every page of Edna Ferber's iconic book.


Sometimes I'm attracted to a movie because of nostalgia. I'd lived in Europe, fallen in love with Italy and was captivated by Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

The sights and sounds of Rome enchanted me. When I saw Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni's passionate scene in the Trevi Fountain it reminded me of my own (much tamer!) moment, throwing coins in the fountain. Throwing coins is supposed to guarantee you'll return to Rome, but somehow I never did.              

A place can evoke such strong memories that you want to return, any way you can.  The Woody Allen flick, Midnight in Paris, helped me relive my wonderful times in the City of Light. 

My son took this terrific photo of the Eiffel Tower and I look at it often, remembering the good times we had, strolling along the Seine, shopping in the Marais district and having Brie and baguettes at the Cafe Napoleon.

I think I really do have "travel lust," because when I saw Owen Wilson strolling down the Champs-Elysees and drinking at charming little cafes, I was filled with longing. I confess, I watched the movie twice, drinking in the sights and sounds. Cafe Flore, the Deux Magots cafe, etc, were all there. My favorite haunts!

Sometimes a movie intrigues me because of its soundtrack. When I heard the theme music for the movie Arthur, written by Christopher Cross, I loved it. As a native New Yorker, I loved the line, "When you get caught between the moon and New York city..." I was hooked, I knew I had to see the movie with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli. 

What happens when you read the book and immediately see the movie?  Is the movie a plus, or is it a disappointment? My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our own Karen Rose Smith's A Very Country Christmas, was adapted from her Harlequin novel, His Country Cinderella on the UP Channel and it's excellent.      

Suzi Weinert's Garage Sale Mysteries have been adapted for the screen by Hallmark, and true to the originals. A delightful series and you can see Murder in D Minor, next Sunday night, August 26 on the Hallmark Channel.                                         

Books and movies--a wonderful addition to our lives! I admire all the talented writers who manage to delight and surprise us with their terrific creations.

Mary Kennedy



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