Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wedding with a Bang!

Evie Bloomfield here on Mackinac Island from the Cycle Path Mysteries. We all know not all weddings are created equal but to have the bride shoot the wedding planner may be a new one.
Okay, maybe he had it coming. Maybe he did forget to order the tables and chairs for the reception and went with picnic baskets and blankets for a sit on the lawn affair. Maybe he did forget to order the cake but he did scrounge up those cupcakes from Doud’s Market that weren’t too bad. And what about the good things? He ordered the best Champagne ever and lots of it.
Why did he remember the Champagne when he forgot everything else? Does it have to do with the dead guy on the docks who had a bottle of Champagne clutched in his hands? Does it have anything to do with the smuggling booze operation into Canada?
Not that the bride cares diddly about any of that all she wanted was a wedding to remember and a dead wedding planner with a musket ball in his chest is sure to make that happen.

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