Monday, July 16, 2018


By Mary Kennedy

If I could find a twelve step program for people who are addicted to travel, I'd join! Yes, I'm a travel addict. Do I manage to travel as much as I'd like? Sadly no. My last big trip was to Paris a couple of summers ago. It wasn't my first time in Paris but it was a spectacular visit. 

I spent some time strolling through the Marais district. (which has become quite trendy, it was different in my student days.)  The Marais is famous for fun boutiques, hipster cafes and historic sights. Winding medieval streets will take you to two of the most famous museums in Paris: the Centre Pompidou and the Carnavalet.  It's easy to spot the Pompidou Centre (no, that's not a roller coaster ride!) because of its distinctive architecture.

And the Carnavelet Museum is great for history buffs; you can learn everything you wanted to know about the history of Paris.  Enjoy the displays inside and be sure to take a stroll through the formal gardens.

Also. one of my favorite Paris parks is in the Marais district, the Place des Vosges.

The  Place des Vosges is the ideal place to have a picnic with a fresh baguette, some creamy brie and fruit for dessert. (and a few pieces of chocolate, or a delicious berry tart, of course!)  Don't be surprised if people passing by smile and say "Bon Appetit!" Just nod and answer, "Merci!"

The Rue des Rosiers is the perfect spot if you're looking for falafel, a popular treat you can buy everywhere.  Which street vendor has the best falafel in Paris? If I told you, I'd have to kill you!                                                       

Just stroll along, and you'll find a variety of spots offering falafel, ice cream and crepes.

Day or night, there's always something going on in the Marais district.
I found a shop for cat lovers,but sadly, it was August and it was closed. I'll definitely hit it on my next trip.                                                                        

There were pillows, mugs, art work, and a few whimsical cat beds. 

 These pillows would make wonderful gifts for future contests! The "cats playing tennis" was featured in the window, it's vintage. I think every cozy writer (and reader) I know, loves cats.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Marais district. Next week, I'll feature another fun destination! Happy travels.

Mary Kennedy

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