Monday, July 30, 2018


By Mary Kennedy

Okay, here's what happened. Fur-Face (pictured above) high-jacked my blog today. She said she noticed there's been a lot of chatter on social media and her name has appeared in a quite a few posts. She wants to set the record straight, so I'll let her tell it in her own words. 

Mom has been talking about me! And she knows darn well I can speak for myself. Here's a little secret, all cats can talk. But why would we tell humans? They'd put us to work, maybe doing 
data entry...

or working as short order cooks!

Holy mackerel!  You can see how that would cut into our leisure time, which is precious to us. This is Maggie, who foolishly admitted she could read and do light housework, and look what happened! She's slaving over the kitchen counter, trying to make banana bread. I rest my case.

And let me add that I wasn't exactly thrilled to see "cute" photos of myself plastered online. Mom never asked me if she could publish them. Who does she think I am--Kim Kardashian, always looking for a photo op? I had no idea she was posting candid shots of me. Here I am with my cat mother, Eliza, taking a rest from our busy day. I admit I got lots of compliments from the photos, but I like to fly under the radar.

 I'd like to set the record set on something else. Mom suggests that I spend my time lolling about, sleeping in boxes, or curled up in a patch of sunshine, but the truth is, I do have serious work to do.

For example, mouse patrol. Here I am, staking out the backyard from the safety of the glass sun porch. I'm scanning the yard for rodents. Luckily, I didn't see any, because it wouldn't have been pretty. No mice on my watch!

Mom downplayed the seriousness of my work and said I was "pondering the mysteries of life" in this photo (or maybe lusting after a plump chipmunk.)  Not true! I take my job seriously, and she should, too.

I should mention here that one mouse did escape my attention and ended up in the basement, which is off limits to cats. Now any normal human would set a humane trap and set the little critter outside, but what did Mom do? She put out food and water for him! She even named him Timothy. I got so tired of hearing about his cute exploits, and I was so afraid she might capture him and keep him as a pet. (yes, insane as it sounds, that is exactly the kind of thing she might do.) 

I was afraid she was going to bring him upstairs and we'd have to welcome the little rodent with open arms (I mean, paws) but luckily Dad wouldn't allow it. Thank god someone has some sense in this household. She also was going to buy Timothy an exercise wheel, but again, Dad discouraged her.                                                

She was making it way too easy for Timothy to stay and enjoy himself. I tried to tell her the whole idea was to get the little guy to go back outside where he belonged! Luckily, he disappeared into the outdoors one day and none of his friends showed up to take his place. That was a close call!

I'll give you the lowdown on the whole household of Kennedy cats next week. There are six of us. And of course, I'd like to hear about your cats! There's great solidarity in the feline community.

Thanks for letting me vent, your feline friend, Fur-Face.


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