Thursday, July 5, 2018

Do You Remember?

by Karen Rose Smith

There are drawers and hidey-holes that just don't get cleaned out over years despite moves, redecorating and rearranging furniture.  We spruced up our kitchen a bit and I decided it was time to clean out and reline drawers, closets, a secretary/desk and a china cupboard.  They secretary/desk gave up the most surprises!

Do you remember S&H green stamps?  Every time my family bought groceries, participating stores would dole out green stamps for those purchases.  We had paper books to paste them inside.  My mom would sit and study the S&H green stamp catalog for items that she could earn FREE.  Yes, FREE.  There were photos in there of merchandise ranging from small appliances to furniture.  Those prizes helped stretch the budget.

In our secretary/desk the most recent things like paint color books and sachets, pencils, pens and journals were just pushed in.  The surprises were behind those.  First I found this Instamatic camera.  We used this for years on vacations and to take family photos.  I remember carrying along the packs of flash cubes and film cartridges so we didn't run out.  Most of those photos are in albums with the sticky back and cellophane covering that.  They are fading.  But the memories are still alive in our hearts.  And even the shadow of a photograph will bring back an event.

Do you remember fountain pens?  I went to a Catholic grade school and high school.  We had to use fountain pens.  Ballpoint pens weren't allowed.  However, we didn't have to use black or blue ink.  My favorite color ink was turquoise and that was allowed.  But I remember making a mess with filling ink into a cartridge for a fountain pen!

Do  you know the use of this little pot?  It's an egg poacher.  My guess is that when we moved twenty years ago, it was one of those items that I couldn't let go of.  When my son was small, I would make poached eggs for breakfast.  That little poacher has lots of memories attached to it--leisurely mornings before he attended kindergarten, rushed mornings to catch the bus when first grade started, weekends in pj's watching cartoons.  Yep, that little poacher might find a place of honor somewhere.

The secretary/desk is now organized.  I made it my tea cupboard.  But I'll keep this flashcube in one of the cubicles to remember days when life wasn't so rushed, when the telephone was attached to the wall, when conversation was more important than text messages. 

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