Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Community...all welcome or not so much

I’m a woman alone and that’s just fine but lately I’m finding that my house/yard is a whole lot of work. So the question is...move or stay.
I love my house, I really do. My husband and I planted every tree, bush, flower, fence, trellis, fountain... you get the picture. The thing is he’s no longer here so that means I take care of all that  needs repair or gotten older and now huge and needs maintaining.
I’m not ancient...least I don’t like to admit that I am...but I’m no spring chicken either. So what do I do? Move or stay and hire out some of the work.
Yeah, hiring out the work is a great idea but getting someone is always tough and they will never do it like I do it. I need to compromise.

Or do I move and make new friends and get into a new life style while I’m in the mood to do such a thing. Moving is tough and I’m a loner. I like people and doing things but the new communities are really close with neighbors on you doorstep. The up side is there are bike trails, walking distance to shopping and restaurants, etc. The downside is the neighbor on the doorstep thing. 
So my question to you is... When you get to be a person of age will you stay put in your house or move to something more manageable and make a new life?

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