Wednesday, July 25, 2018 or out?

It seems the new idea out there is fasting to lose weight and be healthy. I’ve read where it’s really good to do the fasting thing and, you might ask, what the heck is it?

When I think of fasting I think of the Lord doing the forty day thing in the desert but that’s not exactly how this works. The one particular fasting thing I’m talking about is not eating after eight PM till noon the next day.
That’s sixteen hour out of twenty-four that you can’t eat so little wonder you lose weight! Now I haven’t looked deep into this so I’m assuming you can have black coffee, water, tea but that’s it. That means all your food intake is in eight hours.
Actually I can see how this would work on the weight loss thing but that automatically kicks out breakfast. And if you believe all the hype that is the most important meal of the day. Personally I’m not a huge breakfast fan till around ten or after.
The thought of eating something eggy at eight in the morning really makes me sick at the thought as does oatmeal etc. Maybe some dry toast at this hour but nothing really tastes good to me till after ten or later.
So what about you? Do you do breakfast? Do you think it’s the most important meal of the day? Can you face two eggs starting at you at eight AM? What do you have for breakfast and what do you think about the fasting thing?
If I give it a try I’ll keep you posted. Until then...bring on the coffee and maybe a Cinnabon. Yum! 

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