Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The one that got away

And I’m talking cars here.
I love my car. It’s a red Toyota RAV4. I know, you don’t really love things but it’s my car and my bff. I mean it takes me where I want to go no questions asked, gets me there in comfort, plays music or the news to keep me entertained and even warns me when it needs more fuel.

And this is not my only bff, I’ve had other. There my grandfather’s bff, a little brown Buick back in 1962. I learned to drive on that car and drove it all over the place till I got my very own car.
A yellow 1968 Camero with a black vinyl top. Now there was a car, a really fast car. I got so many speeding tickets with that thing I nearly lost my license. I had it for many years till I got married and had kids and then driving a little yellow very fast Camero was not a good idea so I traded it in.
For me this was the car that got away. The car I sold and shouldn’t have. Yeah, I love my RAV4 but it is not a super fast Camero. So my question to you is, do you have a car that you regretted getting rid of? One you miss like a BFF gone forever?   

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