Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Off the Vine

Now that summer is here it’s time for farmers’ markets. Every community in the area has their market day where you go to the local square, church parking lot, community center etc to pick up local grown produce on a certain day of the week. 
I just love these markets! Saturday is the big market day around here and some markets are bigger than others. Here in Cincy we have Findlay Market that is open all year round with covered stalls inside a building that sell local meats, pastries, pastas, oils, fish, sausage. But come summer there is an outside area for local farmers to sell their wares.
And they sell everything! There are the usual veggies but they also sell plants for your garden, homemade soaps, breads, pastries, butters, pies the local honey...and the like. If you like homemade items this is perfect. The pies are always with locally grown fruits and the breads etc are fresh and crunchy.
I love this part of the markets but for me the big reason I buy is the locally gown organic veggies. They are right off the vine or stock and right to you. I wish I planted a garden of my own but the deer would have it leveled in one day. To keep them away I would have to spray with all kinds of goop and who wants to eat that!

So what about you? Do you have a fave farmers’ market you go to? What is you fave thing to buy? The corn on the cob is amazing! The tomatoes are fab! The apples, peaches, plums are so good that I always eat them going home in the car. Are you a farmers’ market fan?

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