Thursday, June 7, 2018

Meet Cupboard Maker Books Adorable Cats!!!

by Karen Rose Smith

I had the most fun at a bookstore book signing than I’ve ever had. Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, Pennsylvania, is an adoption center for cats.  Castaway Critters in Mechanicsburg is a cat rescue organization.  Cats that are rescued are placed in foster homes.  Then the book store manager at Cupboard Maker books (Michelle) houses a few until they’re adopted.  There is a screening process.

About the cats...  My husband and I are cat parents to 5 inside cats and 2 outside felines that are still feral.  So our house is full.  But there were two cats up for adoption I would have loved to bring home.

Walter, gray and white, is a friendly male who came to sit on the signing table with me.  After smelling my hand, he decided he could be affectionate.  He is ready for adoption.

Hope, a multi-colored tabby, stole my heart and my husband’s.  She’s 6-8 months old.  She was found on the streets of Harrisburg after she had a litter of kittens.  She needed to gain weight before being spayed and is now at a healthy weight.  She’s soooo affectionate.  While I was signing, she jumped in my lap.  For much of the book signing, she sat on my husband’s lap at the back of the store. She also stole my pillow and didn't want to climb off before we left.

Squeeky is a store cat who lives at Cupboard Maker all the time. 

Princess, a Persian who thinks she owns the place and travels across the catwalk above the bookshelves, is definitely royalty and also a permanent resident. She looks like a little lion. 

If you are ever around Enola, PA, stop in at Cupboard Maker Books and enjoy a totally different bookstore atmosphere. And adopt a people-friendly feline!

Guess what section this photo was from!

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