Monday, June 18, 2018


By Mary Kennedy

The Kennedy cats are crazy for catnip. I don't have to wonder what to buy them for birthdays, Christmas, graduation (okay, just kidding about graduation.) Catnip is always a welcome gift, right up there with tuna fish (packed in water, dolphin safe. They're fussy about the environment.)

In case you're wondering what the gadget is above, it's a "Catnip Cyclone." You pour catnip in the center (which lasts about 3 minutes) and the cats love to bat the ping pong ball around. It's designed so that it never comes out of the bowl. This is one of their favorite toys!

But back to catnip. Did you know that you can buy catnip plants and grow your own?
 It costs $4 or $5 dollars for a nice-sized plant and will grow in any sunny location. Just keep picking the leaves, dry them and voila--your very own catnip!  Warning: if you have outdoor cats or feed feral cats, they will devour the plant immediately. I bought some catnip plants at Lowe's, left them on the sun porch by mistake, and well, that was the end of the catnip!

Only 50% of cats react to catnip. I was surprised to read that, because all my cats love it. It seems to have addictive qualities. Think of the last time you saw a cat on catnip. It's like that old ad, "This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs." My cats go slightly nuts over it.

Once I had a very clever cat named Lucky who got into the kitchen cupboard and helped herself to a whole bag (sealed!) of catnip. When I came home, she'd take the bag to the upstairs bathroom and turned the place into what looked like an opium den. Catnip all over the floor, cats lolling about with glazed eyes and slack expressions.

And catnip comes in many forms. You can buy catnip mice, for example.

even a catnip shark!                                            
And a catnip banana, which is one of my cats' fave toys.
For the yuppie cats, there's even catnip sushi! 

And most important of all, if you have a problem with your cats digging the furniture, be sure to get a scratching pad and sprinkle catnip on it, to encourage them to use it.
So the next time you're wondering how to celebrate an important event in your cat's life, go for catnip!! They'll love it. Or at least there's a 50-50 chance they will love it.

Mary Kennedy

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