Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Springtime. . . At Last!

by Maggie Sefton

Sorry to be late this Tuesday morning.  Yesterday was a jammed full day which went into the evening.  

I'm SO happy that's it's FINALLY Springtime here in Northern Colorado---and in other parts of the country if you watch the Weather Channel. ( I actually love that channel which shows what's going on all over the United States).

This week I will finally be able to buy some of my favorite annuals to plant in my flower garadens, planters, and pots that fill my front yard and line my walkway.  And sit all around my backyard patio and hang from the tall hooks I have on all the corners.  I love, love relaxing on a chaise lounge on my patio and being surrounded by bright, colorful summer flowers.  :)  

I will be busy planting this week and will keep you folks updated with some photos of the tiny annuals.  Those bright, cheerful, colorful Petunias are still my favorites.  And they're so very hardy.  You can't beat that.  

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