Thursday, May 10, 2018


by Karen Rose Smith

Do you like tea, scones, and salads? Then you might want to visit the fictional Daisy’s Tea Garden in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  I have good news about the first book in the series MURDER WITH LEMON TEA CAKES that includes mystery, a bit of romance and recipes.  It will be on sale for a Kindle Deal from May 14-20, 2018 for $.99.  It will also be on sale for $.99 on Nook May 16. 

Daisy's Tea Garden has become a gathering place in Willow Creek, (Lancaster County) Pennsylvania. Daisy, widowed mom of two teenagers--one at home and one who recently started college--along with her aunt Iris, are the proprietors. Although her aunt is in her golden years, she's enjoying the company of Harvey Fitz, wealthy CEO of Men's Trends.  (Harvey's favorite snack at the tea garden are Lemon Tea Cakes.) The only problem is that Harvey isn't yet divorced.  When Harvey is murdered on the tea garden's patio, Aunt Iris is the prime suspect.  But Daisy soon discovers many residents of Willow Creek are suspects--from Harvey's soon to be ex-wife, to his children to his business colleagues.  

Daisy's focus has to be on her adopted daughter Jazzi (Jasmine) who wants to search for her birth parents.  But with the help of a former detective turned furniture store owner, Jonas Groft, she finds answers for both her daughter and her aunt. (Daisy lives in an unusual home renovated from an old barn along with her daughters Jasmine (16) and Violet (18).  Their two cats, a tuxedo feline named Pepper and a dark tortoiseshell with a unique split colored face named Marjoram, are important members of their family.)  

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