Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lancaster County Tea Room

by Karen Rose Smith


I've been participating in book signings for as long as I've been published in 1992.  They usually take place at a book store or with a group of authors.  With the first book release in my new cozy series,  Daisy's Tea Garden,  I decided to do something a little different--have book signings at tea rooms in the area.

For Mother's Day weekend, I signed books at Sugarplums & Tea in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  My new series is set in Lancaster County and I was excited to meet everyone who came for lunch and tea on Saturday.  The setting for the Sugarplums & Tea establishment is gorgeous.  As you can see from the photos, the gardens are beautiful.  Customers can enjoy lunch or Courtyard Tea at one of the outside patios where the umbrellas are positioned. 

This is the pastry case at the tea room.  The baker baked a special version of Sugarplums' lemon tea cakes.

At the book signing, I met many women who enjoy both cozy mysteries and tea rooms.  We discussed books, tea delicacies, and life in Lancaster.  The time sped by.

After my book signing, I enjoyed Courtyard Tea with my husband and a friend.  She brought along one of her friends and we all connected right away.  Bookclubs, research and past history kept us engaged as we enjoyed each course.

Some of the savory offerings were chicken Cordon Bleu bites, fried zucchini drizzled with raspberry sauce, chicken salad with habenaro sauce.   Sweet treats included the lemon tea cakes, cherry tarts, coffee and brownie mousse.  I enjoyed Orange Oolong tea with the servings.  All of the food was excellent.

Have you ever been to a tea room?

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