Friday, May 11, 2018

Is the long drought over?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I don't believe in writer's block. Despite the fact I haven't written anything of substance since last October, it wasn't from a lack of ideas. Holy smoke do I have ideas. I have ideas for stories up the wazoo ... but I also suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I bought a SAD light and I used it just about every day over the winter, but ... still, I couldn't write, which left me feeling even more depressed.

And then in March we lost both of our cats to the ravages of age. That was a devastating blow.

But then ... last week ... the weather turned. We had several warm days in a row. I went and sat in my porch, editing my manuscript (what there was of it) and suddently I wanted to write again. In fact, while it's only May 11th, I've written more on this story this month than I have for any month in the last YEAR.  (Yes, I started it in May of 2017.) It won't be warm outside during the weekend, but I can still sit in my enclosed porch and write ... and I intend to do so.

One of the big stumbling blocks for the next Lotus Bay novel was the lack of a title. Yesterday morning, I was determined to assign one.  First, I wrote a short description of the book. I must admit, it's not yet very good, but it was a start. And then I remembered that two years ago I put together a list of possible titles for the entire Lotus Bay series. Of course, then I had to find that list. Did I name it something easy to find? That would be a huge NO! But eventually I did find it and right at the top of the list was ...



No sooner did I make that decision than I contacted my cover artist. While I don't yet have a cover, I'm pretty sure that once I do, I'll run with the story and finish it in no time flat. (Make that 4-6 weeks ... which, when writing a book, is definitely no time flat!)

Of course, because A JUST CLAUSE comes out in paperback on May 5th, and POISONED PAGES comes out on July 10th, it means that A REEL CATCH can't come out until August. So be it. Each books deserves an opportunity to shine.

But I'm writing again and that makes me happy.

Are you happy that the 2nd full-length Lotus Bay Mystery is on the horizon?

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