Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation time and always exciting. The ceremony, cap and gown, off to a new school or new career, maybe even a new place to live and the parties. I love graduation parties and seeing everyone. And it’s always fun to think about where the graduate has come from and where their future plans will take them.
Even if it’s just graduation from kindergarten the little ones are already thinking about first grade and the big kids school. Then graduation from eighth grade and going to high school. Always a big step.
Graduation from high school is probably the biggest and most celebrated. This is more of not just graduation from high school being celebrated but the fact of going on to being an adult.
This is probably why graduating from high school is so important, it’s the passage from childhood to adulthood and now making your own way in the world.
The child no longer exists where the parent makes the decision but the child now adult makes his/her own decisions and chooses their own path in life. They choose their major and certain field of work.
I think this is why I always give this book to the graduates along with some money. Why give money is obvious, life is not cheap no matter what they decide to do and at this stage they are contributing to their expenses, at least they should be IMHO. Money helps get them on their way.
This book promises the future and the adventures that lie ahead. Nothing more fun and exciting than that. 

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