Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Grab the Grill

Okay, its spring in Cincy...finally. Actually we went from having the heat on this past weekend to 80 tomorrow. We never get spring here so much as we get winner...that’s where winter and summer meet and crowd out spring altogether.
In the South they have two months of spring
where everything is in bloom. It’s kind of a progression from azaleas to daffodils and tulips then the big bang of the magnolias. 
So now that it’s finally warm here and I can go outside without a jacket...Yippeeeee...the first thing I want is something grilled. I’m dying to throw on the charcoal and bring out something cow or pig and light the match.
Through rain, sleet, snow and ice some true grillers are at it all year long. I have to admit I’m pretty much a fair weather griller. Oh I can put up with rain but come winter I’m hunkered down inside with my slow cooker and oven.

IMHO there’s nothing better than a burger on the grill! I saw somewhere that to get the perfect burger you put an ice cube in the middle. Really? Anyone do that?
So my question to you is... Do you have a secret for grilling your fave food? A special rub, BBQ sauce for your grilled chicken? Special spices for the best roasted corn ever?
This is so making me hungry! 

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