Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Coming This Summer

by Maggie Sefton

I'm still relaxing near the Potomac River enjoying Springtime and will return to the super busy Northern Virginia Metro area later this week.  I'll be joining with family for a fun and hectic family get-together for Mother's Day.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd mention my upcoming new Kelly Flynn Knitting mystery which will be released July 3rd of this year.  DYEING UP LOOSE ENDS has a fascinating murder for Kelly to figure out.  Plus---four years will have passed since the previous Kelly Flynn mystery ONLY SKEIN DEEP, so a lot has happened in all of the characters' lives, and I think readers will enjoy catching up on where each character is now and what they are doing.

And---the two younger characters, Cassie and Eric, are both now 20 years old and are sophomores at the local university---Colorado State University (in the real Fort Collins).  And they have all sorts of plans for their lives as well.

So----don't forget to look for DYEING UP LOOSE ENDS this July.  I think you will enjoy "catching up" with the characters.   :)  

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