Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bloom where you are planted

When guests come to town there’s always the question of what do we do that’s truly and unique Cincy, something that we have here that they don’t have in their neck of the woods. First off there’s goetta for breakfast. Goetta is German ‘cause Cincy is oh so German. It’s a combo of pork and oatmeal and spices and sound gross and everyone loves it. My husband used to make it and with a name like Kruetzkamp it was part of his genetic makeup. 
Cincy also has great barbecue. I know, I know, everyone has barbecue but there’s this place called Montgomery Inn that has fantabulous BBQ so we always take guests there for dinner.
Cincy also has Skyline Chili not to be confused with Texas chili. This is spaghetti topped with chili sauce (special secret chili sauce to be sure) and topped with shredded cheese. This is affectionately called a three-way and an acquired taste. It is a Cincy tradition to take your offspring to Skyline for his or her first three-way and get a pic of the occasion for the family album.
We also have the Cincy Reds for baseball so we catch a baseball game at the Great American Ballpark that is really just that...a bit of new and a taste of the old. And we have King’s Island an amusement park that is a ton of fun and there’s a Purple People Bridge that connects downtown Cincy to Northern Kentucky and only for pedestrians.
Cincy and Northern Kentucky are like a city in itself. Heck the Cincinnati Airport is in Northern Kentucky...try explaining that to people. They get off the plane and it says Kentucky and here they thought they were flying into Cincinnati!
We also have a place called OTR...Over the Rhine that is now the hip trendy place of micro breweries, eateries, art galleries, and a city market called Findlay Market that’s been around for about a hundred and fifty years or so.
And we have a terrific symphony and playhouse in the park and we have the Cincinnati Bengals that are always fun to watch...usually. J
To give guests a taste of all this I take them on a Segway tour of the downtown area of city where you buzz around on your Segway and you can see all that I talked about here in about ninety minutes. I looooove riding a Segway! It is so much fun!
Next week I’ll take you on a tour of Mackinac Island complete with map. You can see where Evie Bloomfield has landed after she leaves Chicago and winds up on the island of no cars, no malls, not much wifi, cell service and lots of bikes, horses and fudge.
So here’s the thing, if I came to your neck of the woods where would you take me? Where would we go so that I got a true appreciation for where you live, the heritage of your city?
Love where you land!
Have a good day.
Hugs, Duffy

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