Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring is teasing me

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

What the heck happened to spring?  It was supposed to have been here for at least two weeks, but it's back in the 20s at night and low 30s in the day and -- Hey, Mother Nature -- it's APRIL.

It turns out that I have become a hermit -- and it's all winter related.  It's cold? I don't want to go outside. It's snowy? I don't want to go outside. I hate driving in winter. If I can't convince Mr. L to take me somewhere, I don't go.

Of course there are signs of spring.

Daffodil points. I took this picture a week or more ago, so they are actually bigger now.

And look -- our only surviving snowdrops! (We used to have a crowd.)

As soon as the forsythia blooms, then I can cut back the roses. Last year was the first time I did that and WOW -- we had so many more blooms than when we just ignored them. (Whoda thunk it?) My old-fashioned rose was totally out of control. I took almost two hours to cut it back to 18 inches. And guess what?  It grew back to almost the same height as it was when I didn't trim it for over ten years.  Go figure.

But everything is contingent on the forsythia. (And we don't even have forsythia in our yard -- I'm depending on our neighbors bushes to tell me when to prune.)

I bought a new clematis plant the other day.  And we ordered hollyhocks. Can't wait to plant them, too.  Our red hot pokers are up, but will they be eaten by some critter?  We got one flower last year, and instead of being two or three feet tall, it was only about  18 inches tall, which looked rather silly, but we were grateful to have even that flower.

So, what's popping up in your garden?

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