Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bouncing the Bucket List!

Just got back from Amsterdam and the land of tulips and windmills. Well...not exactly just got back but landed Saturday an it took till now to feel among the living with recovering from an eye infection, stomach bug, bad cold and no tulips.
Doing the bucket list thing isn’t always a bowl of cherries!
Adventures are just that and not all goes to plan. But there was the art I’d wanted to see all my life (Van Gogh’s sunflowers, Rembrandt, Vermeer). And Amsterdam was amazing even in rain and cold...they were ice skating on the canals two weeks ago so the tulips stay said no-way are we coming out in this! See this pic below...well we didn’t see it at all!
So my question today is, is having a bucket list worth it? Is it just pie in the sky or should you roll the dice and give it a try?
Even with all the mishaps IMHO adventures are always worth it. I travel a lot with my two daughters and their motto is... If something doesn’t go wrong we’re not trying hard enough.
I like this philosophy a lot. Maybe it’s part of my bucket list. To just keep plugging away and trying new things.
So that brings me back to you. Do you have a bucket list? It doesn’t have to be traveling all over the planet and getting sick but maybe trying to really like sushi (I did and still think holding it over a flame would do it a world of good). Or maybe learning how to play Mahjong or go to the opera or give Josh Groban one more try.
So what’s on your bucket list and are you adding to it?

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