Saturday, March 24, 2018


By Mary Kennedy                                             

Doesn't this chocolate cake look yummy? What is it about sugar that attracts us? it's almost an addiction. And chocolate and sugar together adds up to one delicious dessert. 

I started thinking about our love for sugar when I went to lunch with a friend. She ordered a "slim" chicken salad, with grilled chicken breast, (not fried), and a selection of spring greens.  She turned down the yummy optional items, dried cranberries and almonds.  And she nixed the avocado and mandarin orange slices. What was left? Not much.

She asked for the dressing (no fat vinaigrette) to be served on the side.  What self control!  So what she ordered was basically a bowl of lettuce with chicken strips.  She also ordered a diet soft drink and drank two glasses of water.  Hmm. The woman is a saint, I thought!

I was munching away happily on a delicious black bean veggie burger stuffed with shredded carrots, grilled eggplant, sweet onions and goat cheese. 

And yes, I confess, I had french fries. They were sweet potato fries, but bad. I thought my friend would split them with me, but no, she pushed them away with a "Get thee behind me, Satan," look.                     

As soon as she finished her "diet lunch," she asked for the dessert menu.  Dessert menu? I was shocked. "I didn't think we were having dessert," I said plaintively. I  had eaten the Kaiser roll that came with my veggie burger and she'd raised her eyebrows disapprovingly.

"Not have dessert? Are you crazy? We've earned it!" she insisted. She looked at my nearly empty plate of french fries. "Well, I've earned it," she quickly amended. 

And that's where the chocolate cake (pictured above) comes in. She asked the waitress for two forks. Which sounds good in theory, but she gobbled down at least 90 percent of it! She was probably starving after eating her 150 calorie lunch.

Was it worth having a "bare naked" salad in order to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake for dessert? I don't know. What do you think? They had healthier choices on the dessert menu, but who wants to order a bowl of strawberries when that chocolate cake is calling your name!

By Mary Kennedy


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