Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Kittens Are Growing Up!

by Karen Rose Smith

It’s hard to believe that Zander and Freya were a pound when I brought them home. Both of them fit into one hand!  They are nine months old now.  Zander is 10 pounds and Freya is 8 pounds. 

I have to say that these two kittens get into more trouble than any kittens we’ve ever brought inside.  A few years ago we took in a pregnant mama cat who had three kittens.  We kept all of them for 16 weeks and they didn’t find mischief as quickly as these two.

But they are both sweet.  When I pick up Freya, she purrs and snuggles. However, if I sit down with her, she squiggles away.  She will come to me and sit in front of me if she wants to play.  If she’s hungry, she’ll keep patting my arm or circle her paws around my ankle to tell me what she wants.

Zander is a sweetie too.  My husband and I have always adopted female felines. Zander is our first inside male. Since he was a baby, he would come and put his cheek against mine and lay against my neck. Now he only does that at night.  Neither he nor Freya are snugglers but they like to be close by.  

We have 5 inside cats now and finally they are all rearranging the times for cuddling and which cat or cats or human they want to associate with. We love them all to bits and can’t imagine life without them. 

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