Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Karma...good or bad?

 “You want to marry me?” I asked Walker Boone who just happened to be the hunkiest guy in all Savannah. “Why in the world would you want to do such a thing?”
I’m Reagan Summerside, owner of the Prissy Fox Consignment Shop, Bruce Willis...the black and white canine version who rescued me more than I rescued him...and a dilapidated Victorian that I love, pealing paint and all. So how did I get lucky enough to have the delicious Walker Boone want to marry me?
Good question, I’m not exactly a lucky kind of girl. I’m more of a my hair turned orange because I dyed it myself kind of girl, or will you go to the prom with me because there’s no one else to ask. Why wasn’t I seizing my moment in the sun? Why didn’t I tackle Boone to the ground and have my way with him all the while yelling Yes, Yes, Yes, I’ll marry you! What was my problem?
          “I have bad man karma,” I blurted determined to tell  
      all to the man I loved more than life itself.

This is the opening to Lethal In Old Lace coming out March 13. Reagan’s had really rotten man karma marrying Hollis Beaumont the third on the first go-round of marriage but now Waker Boone’s in her life and things look a lot better. Fact is, we should all have a Walker Boone in our lives.

So my question to you today you believe in karma?

     I do to some extent. Like things I can’t control but seem to pop up no matter what I do. For example take winning stuff. I never win...and I do mean never. When I take chances on winning cars all the way to winning to willing a stupid door-prize it never ever happens. I might as well just write the check out as a donation and take it off my taxes.

     And it seems to be hereditary. My kids have the same affliction. They can’t win squat either. When we wanted to win a lottery to go on a special hike where the park service only lets 20 people go a day, we had my son-in-law put in his name for all of us and guess what...we won! We got to do the hike! 

     Some call this luck good or bad and I guess that works too. So what about you? Are you lucky? Have good karma? Or like me and just make a donation to the cause and be done with it.

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