Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dogs, Kids, and a Cello

by Maggie Sefton

Granddaughter AnaSofia playing her cello for Nana (that's me).  :)  She's in the fourth grade---and yes, she's very tall for her age.   We grow them tall in 6'1" daughter Christine's family.     

You folks know that I'm capable of posting blogs on all sorts of subjects and combinations of subjects, so just chalk this post up as one of those.  I'm presently back in Northern Virginia, in Vienna, to be exact.  Visiting with family and friends.  Relaxing time.  I've gone to dinners with friends and dinners with family, and everyone in-between.  :)

Some of the other kids from the Odyssey of the Mind competition.

Plus, I joined family on Saturday for a trip to the Odyssey of the Mind competition for local grade schools.  Each school had one team of kids that came up with their own ideas, wrote their own scripts, and performed for parents and family and other interested folks.  That was fun.

And here are some doggie photos.  To the right is Grayson, a pit bull mix with a very sweet disposition.

And below is Wrigley, a very sweet-natured Rottweiler, that's also very protective.

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