Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All Over the House. . . . Literally

by Maggie Sefton

Not my house, of course, but I just love that photo.  :)  

Today (Monday) was such a weird day, I simply have to write about it.  I had workmen or inspectors crawling all over (and under) my house.  Why, you might ask?  The answer is most of the house repairs or inspections of such repairs wound up happening on the same day.  Sigh. . . .hectic to say the least.

What did I have done?

First, the workman and his helper whom I use to repair and do minor maintenance showed up to install one more smoke and CO2 alarm to the five they had already installed last week.  The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, had sent me a notice to remind me that I needed to have any repairs and/or installation of new equipment on or around the house done by a certain date so I could have them inspected before the expiration date of the Building permit issued.

Last September I had had an air conditioner unit installed on the side of my house next to the garage.  Of course, the unit was connected to the same interior system with the furnace and used the same vents.  Of course, that meant I also needed to have the air conditioner inspected by another Inspector.   That's why I had someone crawling around in the crawl space beneath one half of my 4-BR tri-level house.   Oh, and that now required a smoke and CO2 alarm to be installed in every bedroom near the door plus the hallway (that would make four alarms upstairs) plus two installed downstairs in the Family Room level where two alarms would be installed----one in the Family room and one in the 4th bedroom which I use as a study.  Have I lost you yet?  Hold on, I'm not finished.

The City also requires ANOTHER Inspector to check out the smoke and CO2 alarms.  He's coming tomorrow.  Oh, joy.  Meanwhile, another inspection was also needed because a roofing company installed my entirely NEW roof earlier this month that was necessary after a nasty hailstorm last August.  Because of my super hectic family activities and wedding Back East in Northern Virginia last Fall, I was unable to schedule the repairs until now.  Thankfully, nothing was leaking but roofing tiles had taken a pounding.

So, guess what that meant?  You got it.  Another inspector appeared today, of all days, to finally inspect the roof.  Everything passed.   The roofing installers are good and thorough, thank goodness.  I think that's it.  I hope I haven't bored you with this list of House Maintenance issues.  Chalk it up to "venting."  Mine. . . not the house.    

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