Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You the author

Cozy mysteries have themes. My Cycle Path series is a bike shop owner and in my Consignment Shop series Reagan owns the Prissy Fox consignment shop. There are yarn shops, fabric shops, fudge theme cozies, hairdresser cozies, and on and on.

My question to you is... Is there a theme you’d like to see that you haven’t run across? Or a theme that’s been done but you’d like to have more?

And what about locations? It seems like the south is done to death so is there another location that you’d like to visit in a cozy mystery? A place you visited and thought... this would be an amazing place to set a cozy?

And what about foreign locations? Would you want to see a cozy set in Italy? Spain? France?
And then there’s the age thing. Do you like the main character to be old? Young? Middle aged? And what about gender? Do you like the sleuth to be a gal or are you up to a guy taking it on?

I think a lot of themes are so overdone and locations the same and I have no use for the perfect sleuth who makes no mistakes and is always picture perfect and eats healthy and goes to the gym would rather eat her shoe that snatch a candy bar.

So how do you feel about any of these things? If you were going to write a cozy mystery where would you set it? How old would your main character be? What theme would you use?

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