Saturday, February 10, 2018

When it all starts coming together

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Hi, Kathy Grant here. Just popped in to tell you what I've been up to since the holidays.

In case you didn't hear, that was when the big storm hit, the power went out, and my unfinished, not-ready-for-prime time inn suddenly had to host Christmas dinner. Luckily I installed a big, fat generator, and a good time was had by all--especially me after an impromptu treasure hunt.

Wish an influx of cash, I've been working hard to keep my soon-to-open B&B, Swans Nest, on track. There's lots left to do, but the structural work is pretty much done. Soon it will be time to decorate.

When I bought it, Swans Nest was a wreck, but with the help of my friend and contractor, Anissa Jackson, we've bought it back to life. Part of the fun was going to architectural salvage places trying to match up flooring, tile, and woodwork. When we couldn't do that, Anissa found a way to replicate it. She's worth ten times what I've been able to pay her, but she keeps telling me that Swans Nest is her portfolio piece, and that it will bring her lots of work in the future. 

My BFF, Tori Cannon, has helped when she can, but luckily she's been gainfully employed. In fact, she's been keeping both of us afloat while I've worked on my B&B. She was my college roommate, and we're roommates once again. I live in her house--the one her Gramps sold her for a dollar--and she substitute teaches while she waits for spring to come to reopen Cannon Bait & Tackle. (I don't know how she handles those worms, spikes, and other icky stuff. I sure couldn't!)

But even though it's only February, I'm counting the days until the first weekend in May when I'll be open for business. I hope you'll come and see Swans Nest when I welcome my very first customers.

Until then, keep warm, stay safe, and count the days until Swans Nest opens. I know I will.
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