Thursday, February 15, 2018

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!

by Karen Rose Smith

I’ve enjoyed cooking ever since I watched my mom, grandma and aunts do their magic in the kitchen. I remember the first meal I cooked when I was twelve—meat, potatoes, vegetable and cake for dessert—and how difficult I found the process to have all the food done at the same time! My mother was looking over my shoulder but I gained a new respect for the meals she cooked every day after a long day at school teaching third graders.

When I was a senior in college and sharing an apartment with three other girls, a few times a week I cooked supper for my fiance.  It was a funny situation.  At that time, guys couldn’t visit in our second floor apartment.  So I would serve dinner on the top step!  I often consulted with my mom about recipes and she always had good suggestions.  I also got more creative on my own. 

My mom kept recipe boxes.  Most are hand written recipes but she also included recipes snipped from the newspaper or a magazine.  Those boxes include instructions on how to make everything from basic pasta to lemon-honey syrup.

Every day I’m grateful that I have these boxes that were, in a way, the heart of my mom’s life.  With a pure Italian background, she believed cooking food was showing love.  She passed that belief down to me. 

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