Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love In Your Life

Okay, today is Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers but not just the couple variety. I’ve always felt V-day is about everyone we love and telling them how I feel.

This opinion hasn’t just come because there is no man in my life to celebrate with but years ago probably when I had my first child. I realized this day celebrated my love for her as well.

So why have a love day? I mean we love those in our loves all the time. So true but this reminds us to tell them. It’s a wakeup call or like getting hit with a pie in the face. Oh, yeah, I really do love all these people and I need to tell them.

In my parents generation saying I Love You didn’t come easy and it doesn’t for a lot of people so with this day you can do something, buy a card, make a special dish, leave a rose that conveys the message for you. And it makes you realize yes you do need to make those you love aware of how you feel and how much you appreciate them.

So here’s to Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate those we love in our lives, the people and pets who make life good for us. Do something to let them know you care and are special to them.

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