Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Holy cow.... Company’s coming!!

And coming this Friday. So much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. As soon as I hear company’s coming I look around the house and see all the flaws. I get sort of immune or is it just lazy when it’s just me and the cats. If the carpet looks a little shabby or that lamp that was my mother’s is a little outdated who cares right?

I sure don’t until I hear those magic words...I’m coming in for the weekend.

What! Not that I don’t want the company but the things I learn to live with the house that look like something out of one of those make-over shows. My house is the before shot! In five days I need turn this place over into the after shot!

That means hours cleaning and touching up woodwork and getting new carpets and lamps and putting crap away. And it is like going down the rabbit hole...once you get redecorating there’s no stopping. Everything looks dated and worn.

In a way the company coming thing is great...I needed to do all this stuff and  company  is like a kick in the butt to get it done!

I got a new lamp, recalked the ugly space between the molding and the ceiling that’s shrunk, steam cleaned the carpets, a new wreath on the front door, new lighting for the outside and gotten rid of stuff that should have been given away long ago.

So what about you? Do you go nuts when you hear the magic words of company’s coming. Tackle all those things that needed to be done and you never got around to it? Do you go a little crazy when you hear company’s coming and work like a crazy person to put a spiff on the house and get it in shape?

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