Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Energy...what energy?

Sometimes you really just need to buckle down and get stuff done. But there’s a hitch in the plan: You’re beat. You worked your tail off yesterday, you tossed and turned until 3:00am. Here are a few tricks besides downing a can of RedBull or 5-Hour energy for an instant adrenaline substitute
Don’t think. Blink.
 Eyes glued to a computer screen, focused on your work—or, some silly video about baby animals. But don’t just stare, blink. Every blink is like a “mini nap” that allows for a recharge and subsequent energy boost.
Stop skipping breakfast.
It jumpstarts your body’s functions and give you the energy reserves you need to make it to lunch.
Blast some beats.
There’s a reason why upbeat music is played at gyms—Just listening to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift  or “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen gets you up and going.
Get your feet moving.
along to upbeat music will provide an instant cure for any tiredness. And sing with the radio. Esp when tired in the car. This helps tons to stay away…and a coke and chocolate help too.

Take the stairs. Walking up and down stairs for about 10 minutes—that’s about 30 stories—offers the same level of energy as roughly 4 ounces of coffee or 1 ounce of espresso.  It doesn’t taste as good but you can’t drink coffee all the time…right?
Tap your “thymus.”
This is a new one on me. Yes, the “thymus” is a real thing, and it’s located at the top of your chest, a few inches below your collarbone. Chinese medicine says you can boost your energy levels. To properly tap the thymus, slowly and deeply breath in and out while gently tapping that area for 20 seconds. Do this up to five times per day for instant energy boosts.
Snooze for a few.
Power naps do work but convincing your boss might be another trick.

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated.
Be sure you’re drinking enough water so that you never crave hydration. For women, that amounts to about eight eight-ounce cups per day; for men, it’s ten.
Take an ice-cold shower.
I could never do this but… a mere three minutes spent in cold water can halt sudden tiredness in its tracks. And better yet, if you do it every day, you’ll do wonders against chronic fatigue.
A quick jog.
A walk probably does the same thing. A half an hour per weekday to exercising provides immediate—and long-lasting, if you adopt the practice as a habit—energy boosts. That’s as simple as leaving your desk, running/walking  a mile, and stretching up—and you could fit it all in a typical lunch break.


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