Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tea Pots

by Karen Rose Smith

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was a holiday tea pot.  Now I didn't need a tea pot. But I do collect one here and there, though never a holiday one.  My love for tea pots began when I grew up with them in my mother's china hutch.  There's something about tea pots that is refined, cozy, and meant for sharing.

I have to admit I was mostly a tea bag connoisseur before the past few years.  I would use the tea pots to keep water warm for guests.  (By the way, if you put water in the microwave for tea, the tea supposedly doesn't taste as flavorful as when you heat it on the stove.  Try it yourself to see.)

Now I enjoy making tea with loose leaves.  I enjoy light teas so I began with white tea that also has less caffeine.  White Symphony is my favorite.  I learned quickly that I wasn't a fan of Jasmine White Tea.
This is one of my favorite tea pots.  It's a James Sadler bone china pot.  The reason that it's a favorite is that it holds six cups of water.  That's enough for company when I brew tea.  And if I use tea cups rather than mugs, I have even more servings.  I seem to lean toward flowered tea pots but I have another favorite. 

Cute cat tea pots are hard to find.  My son gifted me with this one last Christmas and it's a favorite when my best friend comes for tea.  She prefers Black Tea.

A tea accessory that comes in handy is a tea cozy.  They come in all shapes and sizes--flowers, proverbs, yellow tabbies, plaid, solid colors.  The advantage of using a cozy is that it will keep your water warm longer.  The other advantage is covering an old tea pot that might have seen better days.

No matter what type of tea you prefer, the ritual of brewing and serving tea from a tea pot can be a calming experience for you and whomever you share your brewed tea with.  Try it and see if you like it!

Because I do like tea, my new cozy mystery series is set in a tea garden in Lancaster County.  MURDER WITH LEMON TEA CAKES is the first book in my Daisy's Tea Garden mystery series.

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