Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stuffing Closet Shelves!

by Karen Rose Smith

Usually I don't think much about closets. Especially my office closet. It holds supplies, prizes for giveaways, research books, and bags of cat food and treats. Back in the 90's, we built a garage onto our house with my office on top and that's when the closet was established.

I love my office.  It's bright, sunny and practical for working on the computer or taping the latest chapter in my mystery or romance.  But the closet...  I stuff it.  I move things around to make room for whatever I need to shove in next. I intend to reorganize it at least once a year, but somehow that time never comes.

This year the time came.  Two of the shelves collapsed!  Paper is heavier than you think.  So I had no choice to clean out and re-organize.  As you can see from the photos, this closet was set up with organizer shelves.  I would never use them again.  In the closets in the rest of the house, we used good old fashioned wood shelves with wood brackets hammered into the walls.  They are strong and hold up for decades.  These shelves...

While I cleaned out, threw out, and decided what was most important to replace in the closet, hubby got out his electric screw driver, found new brackets (they are plastic) and attempted to reinstate order.  The closet now looks like my office closet should.  Will it last?  Doubtful.

I consider the collapse advantageous.  The closet needed a good once over and straightening.  Now it's done.

How often do you clean out closets?

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