Wednesday, January 10, 2018

High School...loved it or not so much

When my kids went to high school and junior high before that I told them... If you can survive these next six years you can survive anything.

IMHO high school is horrible...unless you’re into sports. High school is sports mania. I have never understood this as team sports are not my thing and watching someone else play a team sport is really not my thing but back to high school and liking it.

Maybe it’s the time of life. Puberty is never a good thing with raging hormones but mostly I don’t much like high school ‘cause the kids are mean. Okay, they are nice to their friends but if you’re not their friend all bets are off.

I asked my son what would he do differently if went back to high school and he said, I’d stand up to the bullies who picked on the other kids. He wasn’t picked on, my son was kind of like the Fonz in high school. And from what I heard he did stand up to bullies I guess he just didn’t do it enough.

My middle daughter hated high school. She was an artsy-fartsy kind of kid and talk about not fitting in, well she was the poster kid for not fitting in. What saved her was that in her senior year she got the heck out of high school at least every afternoon and took college classes at the University of Cincinnati. She saw there was life...a really good life...beyond high school. College is so much better!

My youngest daughter did this too. IMHO again I think kids should be able to get through in 3 years and then go on to college, or take a gap year or whatever. Four years of that torture is enough.

So how was high school for you? Love it, want to burn it to the ground?

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