Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Figuring it out or completely stumped!

You are all mystery fans. Actually you all are mystery experts! You read and watch and talk mysteries non-stop on FB, with friends and family even with strangers you meet and strike up a conversation. At least that’s what I do and my guess is you are pretty much the same way.

So my question to you is... Just how good are you? When you watch a mystery on TV or a movie are you so fine-tuned that you know just the clue to pick up on? The key phrase or event that changes everything? The clue buried under a mountain of dialog or events?

Or are you completely surprised at the end?

I think this has to do with two things. How many mysteries you watch and read and just how good the writing and acting are.
I hate those mysteries where the reader/watcher doesn’t know all the clues and the hero/heroine brings in everyone at the last and springs who the killer is by listing things we don’t know.

Foul! Once upon a time writers could get away with this crap but no longer. All the clues must, must, must be there.

So that said, are you good at finding them or are you stumped? I’m getting better at figuring out the killer but I still get stumped. When I attend those mystery dinner parties I can never figure out the killer. In fact I’m usually the worse one in the group.

But at movies I’m getting better at tuning into the little clues intended to be lost in the shuffle. I think that’s because that’s exactly what I have to do when I write...bury the clues?

So on a scale from one to ten, exactly how good of a detective are you?

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