Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Family Celebration II

by Maggie Sefton

Today and next week I'll be posting more photos of daughter Maria's wedding December 30.  I hope our regular Cozy Chicks Blog readers and fans won't be bored.  I'm pleading Proud Mother of the Bride excuse.  I simply can't help it.  Again, there is nothing happening in my Book World during January, so there's simply no news to report.  :)

To the left, Maria with her hair "done up" with curls.  :)  

 These photos are all from pre-wedding preparations for the Wedding Party.  Next week I hope to have photos that other family took during the wedding reception.  :)   Daughter Serena---to the right---has naturally curly hair so the  hairdresser had a lot to work with.  :)   Bottom photo is at Roxy's home just before we left for the church.

Maria and Roxy above.  

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