Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Family Celebration I

by Maggie Sefton

Maria and John following the wedding ceremony at Mary Magdalene Anglican Episcopal Church in Washington, DC.  

Last week and weekend, our Family gathered in the Washington, DC area to celebrate
my youngest daughter Maria's wedding to her fiance John.  Maria and John have known each other and worked together in the Defense Department for several years.  They were already friends, and I've always believed those relationships provide some of the best beginnings for marriage.

At left, Maria at her friend Roxy's house in Washington, DC before Roxy drove her and Matron of Honor,  Serena, to the church the morning of the wedding, December 30th.  

Our Family always has a great time whenever we get together,  and this occasion was another opportunity.
This Tuesday and next Tuesday, I'll be sharing photos of the occasion.

This is a great time to share photos.  Frankly, there's nothing happening in my "book world" at the moment.  January is usually a great month for new beginnings and news.  But this year, I completely relaxed into only family activities.  I certainly hope our wonderful Cozy Chicks readers and friends and fans won't be bored.  :)  

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