Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bury the Black and Paste on the Pink

I look best in pink!

Do you have a fave color you like to wear? I do and it’s khaki but the thing is I look terrible in khaki. Black is another. You know that little black dress idea? Well on me it looks like toss her in the coffin and dig the hole. She’s ready to ship out.

Any shade of brown makes me look like dirt and being older than dirt that is not a good thing. Red is like come and get it sailor but at my age that’s never going to happen.

Maroon is blah along with teal meaning all winter and fall colors are out. Shopping in those seasons is such a pain. The magazines and adorable models and dummies in the store look so cute in fall and winter colors and I look like death warmed over.

What colors do the trick for me? Pinks, corals, even yellow but I think I like to believe that yellow idea as I just love it esp with navy tossed in.

I love navy as a base color. Fact is I’m tossing out my black slacks and black everything and replacing with navy. Navy goes so well with pink and that yellow I love.

So what about you? Do you have a color that perks up you skin tone and your spirits?  What is your base color you can mix with brighter colors? Tan, brown, black, navy. Got a fave go-to color that always looks good on you?

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