Friday, December 8, 2017

The Hostess with the Mostest?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

It's been quite a long time since Mr. L and I entertained people other than family. We used to host a holiday party every years, but that kind of petered out. But next week we'll be hosing our neighbors for a get-together.

Wow. I'd forgotten how much work that can be. I'm going to have to CLEAN the house. The cleaning ladies will com on Monday, but our guests will be coming 4 days later. With cats, there's always a lot of crud. Puke. Litter. Yeah, they may be the only self-cleaning things in the house, but they make a lot of mess.  Chester litters the house with the toys he "kills" several times a day. (Oy, those hunter victory cries can make your hair stand on end,)

I don't know what my neighbors kids drink. Do they drink Pop? If so, what kind? What kind of toppings do they like on pizza?  How can the kids (8 and 13) be entertained while the grown-ups enjoy adult beverages? (Ironically, I came across a pool cue this week while poking around in a dark corner of the basement, but we have no pool table. That thing has been lurking in the dark for the 23 years we've lived here!

I will finally get to do some baking. I LOVE to bake, but seldom have anyone to bake and if I did it would just be us eating the stuff and ... CALORIES. So I don't bake nearly as often as I would like. I've decided to do two different cookies (shortbread and cut-out cookies...and my brother loves cut-outs, so I will freeze some for him for Christmas Day) and I've been hankering to make chocolate truffles. Honestly, I'd debating about making WHISKEY chocolate truffles and just regular chocolate truffles. Mr. L and I like the whiskey version (in honor of our late co-worker, Jean, who was absolutely famous for her Bourbon Balls (only, unlike my character Jeff, who enjoys bourbon--I don't. I'm a blended Canadian whiskey drinker myself and would use my favorite Black Velvet for the booze.)

I've already bought two bags of holiday (red and green) M&Ms -- because, hey, M&Ms. And why not send her children back home all hyped up with sugar, right? (That's a joke.) And, OH! What if we were forced to eat those leftovers?

Of course, I will make my mother's famous "pink" dip. (She got the recipe out of the TV guide one December back in the early 1960s -- and the ad was sponsored by the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV show.) With the dip we'll have chips and carrots and celery (the latter two are for me).
That's probably enough food. If I'm lucky, my Christmas cactus will be in full bloom by them. (Yesterday two blooms opened with at least 7 or eight more on that plant, and the other plant (the GINORMOUS one) has at least 5-6 to come, too. The big one hasn't bloomed in about five years, so this is HUGE!

So, I have my work cut out for me.  But before next Friday rolls around, I'm hosing a day-long holiday open house on my Facebook group page and you are invited. I'll have two guests (Cozy Chick emeritus Ellery Adams, and current Cozy Chick Mary Kennedy), plus there will be hourly goody-bag giveaways and other good stuff. It should be a fun day -- and if you are so inclined, I hope you'll join in. Just click this link. You can join the group or just visit sometime during the day. Everybody is welcome! Click this link!

Now, what's in store for you for entertaining this holiday season?

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