Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Prep Time

by Maggie Sefton

I bet most all of you Cozy Chicks Blog readers and fans are deep into holiday preparations like I am. I finally started shopping for family this weekend.  Family shopping has changed so much over the years.  Now,  many family members want gift cards to some of their favorite stores and even Amazon.  :)   At least I can still go shopping for 10-year old granddaughter Ana Sofia.   I always like to pick out books and some clothing.  Of course, she's growing faster than that proverbial weed, so I have to keep updated on the sizes.

And this year I have some more "grandchildren" to buy for, since Maria's groom-to-be John has young children from a former marriage.  So, I've got twelve year old going on thirteen Johnny, Seven  year old Emma, and five year old Allie (who's bouncing off the walls in holiday excitement, I hear).

I will be staying with my childhood friends Diane and Les who live in Vienna, VA in Northern VA outside Washington DC.  You folks have heard me talk about them  and Diane's sister Nancy and husband Tom for years on this blog.  Old friends are the dearest friends, I've found.  And we always have a great time whenever we're together.  Diane/Les will be having a large Christmas day dinner  with family and friends who'll be in town.  And Nancy and Tom are having their fun Christmas Eve get-together for friends which always involves "fun" gifts.

Unlike the above picture, my homemade pecan pie has my homemade flaky real butter pie crust. 

And----believe it or not, I got a late start with my Chocolate Mint Fudge making.  So, I'm still at the fudge pot today.  One batch of two pans this morning and another batch tonight.  Everything has to be in the mail tomorrow at the latest. Whew!  This year has been jam-packed and crazy.  I'll still be recuperating in January, I bet.  :)   Enjoy the "Prep Time" Everyone.

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